Forex Educators

Basic 'FUN'damentals

Ashlie 'AshMotive' Alvarez

Whether you are new or already a part of the Forex trading
world, get ready & to have a fun & engaging learning experience!


WaveRider Strategy

Chris 'WaveRider' Evans

Become a consistently profitable trader with the WaveRider Strategy!

The WaveRider Strategy is a great strategy for beginners and experienced traders alike.

This technique allows you to find optimal entry points in an already trending market. 

The WaveRider Strategy was designed to help you get in and out of trades quickly and with a trader’s mindset and proper trading practices it will lead you towards being profitable!

Brick Nation

Remy 'Shinobi' Lee & Stan 'Bricks' Elome

Looking for an edge in the markets? Brick Nation has you covered!

Our unique dual charting system combined with key indicators provides pinpoint accuracy, giving you the confidence to seize the day’s move and maximize your profits with an insane risk to reward ratio.

With a risk to reward ratio like that, there’s no reason not to join the Brick Nation!

Smart Money

Kerven 'SupahK' Cadet

The markets are a mystery to many people. But with Smart Money, you can learn the truth behind how and why the markets buy or sell!

These powerful trading concepts will help you understand risk management and become a professional trader.

No need to be in the dark anymore – learn Smart Money today!

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