Trade Pilot

$25.00 / month

Pilot automates your trade risk management, adjusting lot sizes and managing trades across multiple assets from a single chart. It ensures optimal risk on every trade, enhancing your trading efficiency and peace of mind.



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  • Automatic Trade Risk Management: Automatically adjust lot sizes for each trade based on preset risk parameters.
  • One-Chart-All-Assets Functionality: Operates across multiple assets from a single chart, streamlining the trading process.
  • Advanced Trade Management Features: Includes options like moving to break-even points and adding trailing stops based on user settings.


  • Simplified Risk Calculation: Eliminates the need for manual lot size calculations, reducing potential errors and saving time.
  • Enhanced Trade Efficiency: By managing multiple assets from one chart, it significantly reduces the complexity and time spent on individual asset analysis.
  • Customizable Trade Management: Allows traders to tailor their trade management strategies, aligning with individual risk tolerance and trading styles.
  • Reduced Emotional Trading: By automating risk management, Pilot helps minimize emotional decisions, leading to more disciplined trading.
  • Time Zone Flexibility: It is ideal for traders in different time zones, as it manages trades automatically, reducing the need to constantly monitor positions.
  • Scalability: Suitable for scaling up trading operations, as it can handle increased trade volume without additional workload.
  • Learning Tool: New traders can learn risk management practices by observing the tool’s automated adjustments


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