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TradingView is the platform most traders use to analyze their charts and look for trading opportunities. It is an essential tool that you will need to start learning and trading.

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Get A Forex VPS

What is a forex VPS?

A forex VPS (virtual private server) is like a permanent link that connects your trading terminal to the wider trading network.

For example, when you use MT4 at home on your computer, you’re plugged into the standard trading network where your trades get executed. But what happens if there’s a power outage that leads to loss of your internet connection? Or a system glitch? Or your computer freezes or simply stops working?

Instantly you lose the ability to open, close or amend your trades, which can have big implications in a fast moving market.

Forex VPS hosting keeps you connected and lets you keep trading, giving you safety and security against unforeseen failures in the system. It is not only an automation tool, but can also be seen as a component of a trader´s risk management strategy.


How does forex VPS work?

Breaking it down in simple terms, forex VPS really is just a cloud-based desktop PC.

A VPS can host a version of an OS (operating system) that can be remotely controlled from basically any other device that is within reach. This is somewhat similar to web hosting servers, except that with the added capability of directly hosting your desktop computer while still being able to function independently as if it were on its own server (think renting out a room in someone’s house). 

Although several VPS are created on one computer, they each have their own set amount of CPU power and space so you’re guaranteed on what you need and signed up for every month.

The forex VPS works as a SaaS, where you pay a monthly subscription cost for access to a VPS hosting service from a provider. Continue reading to discover some leading third-party VPS providers.


Why should I use a forex VPS?

The benefits of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for automated trading include continuous internet connection and faster execution speed. VPS services are powerful, offering CPU speeds up to 20% higher than comparable servers because they have more RAM available to run processes in parallel while minimising usage spikes from other clients on the same server.

Some other important features about forex VPS hosting include:


Forex VPS servers constantly create backups of your entire trading configuration, including the operating system and trading software. No matter what issues you might have with your computer or devices, a VPS acts as a kind of safety net to protect you against issues that arise if a connection is unexpectedly broken. It means you can carry on trading without missing out on opportunities.

Improved latency and reduced slippage

Latency in trading basically describes how fast your trade gets executed. In other words, it’s the time between the moment you hit the ‘OK’ button to confirm a trade and the moment your trade is received in the marketplace.

In trading, latency is measured in milliseconds but in such a fast moving market milliseconds can matter a lot. So, the lower the latency the better. And one way to reduce latency is by having computer servers physically closer to exchanges, which is what a VPS connection gives you. 

And with a fast connection, you’re less prone to slippage, which is the difference in the actual price between the moment you hit the button to confirm the trade and the moment the trade is received and completed.

The online world may seem instant, but everything takes some time. A major advantage of using a VPS is that it can be a low cost way to improve your latency and give you more reliable pricing.

Simplicity, security and efficiency

When you’re trading forex online it helps to think of it as a business that you’re running. You’re essentially investing money to try and make more money. So why wouldn’t you choose to implement the best technology to give yourself the best chance of being more profitable? 

A VPS is a simple and cost effective way of helping you safeguard your system and reduce your level of risk so you can concentrate on building a path to being a successful trader.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is the platform us traders use to execute and manage our trades.

Mobile Versions

Desktop Versions of MetaTrader 4 is provided by your broker. Choose one below or any other of your choice. Once chosen search their website for their MetaTrader 4 installation if you do not already have one.

Note: Attempting to download MetaTrader 4 directly from MetaQuotes will not work. After installation you will notice it is actually MetaTrader 5 instead!

Note: Mac users, you CAN install desktop MetaTrader 4 on your Mac however it will be a limited version.  You will not be able to install custom indicators, expert advisors, etc. If you want a full windows desktop MetaTrader 4 experience we recommend you use a VPS.

Popular Brokers

A Broker is the financial services company that provides traders access to buy and sell foreign currencies.

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  • 48 Hour Withdrawal Processing
  • Anonymity

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  • Low Spreads 
  • $5 Per Lot Commission
  • $10 minimum deposit
  • Up To 500:1 Leverage
  • Deposits & Withdrawals:  BTC & PayRedeem
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  • Multiple Account Types
  • Spreads from 0.0 Pips
  • $0 – $7 Per Lot Commission
  • $20 – $25,000 minimum deposit
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  • Deposits & Withdrawals:  Visa, Mastercard, Crypto, & PayRedeem
  • 1-2 Business Days Withdrawal Processing

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  • Multiple Account Types
  • Spreads from 0.0 Pips
  • $0 – $7 Per Lot Commission
  • $100 minimum deposit
  • Up To 200:1 Leverage
  • Deposits & Withdrawals: Crypto, Visa, Mastercard, Payop, Skrill, NETELLER, Perfect Money, PaySafeCard, Astropay, Poli, Payredeem, Sticpay, Airtm, Advcash, & Epay
  • 1 Business Day Withdrawal Processing
  • Regulated by the FSC (Licence number: 000067/301)

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Download & Installation

Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts

Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Libraries

BETA Version 1.10

Release Notes: April 10, 2023

Fix – System should now properly track your account equity to implement the max drawdown and profit trigger settings.

BETA Version 1.9

Release Notes: March 26, 2023

New Feature: Max Profit Trigger – This is a trigger that will set the system to start the trail when the profit percentage is hit.
New Feature: Max Profit Trigger Trail – This will trail the max profit by the set percentage. Similar to a trailing stop but specifically or overall profit. Once hit it will close all trades and deactivate all activated pairs for all strategies. It will also make it so you can’t activate anything again until the next trading day. 
New Feature: Max Drawdown – Will set a maximum amount of drawdown. Once hit it will close all trades and deactivate all activated pairs for all strategies. It will also make it so you can’t activate anything again until the next trading day.

BETA Version 1.8

Release Notes: March 20, 2023

Fix: WaveRider should deactivate when the direction changes.
Optimization: More info is presented when stop loss is considered to be too large.
Optimization: More info is presented in the comments for WaveRider trades such as if the trade is with the trend or counter.

BETA Version 1.7

Release Notes: March 16, 2023

New Feature: A “Deactivate All” button now allows the user to deactivate all assets at once.
New Feature: A new SmartCloud data point is now represented in the dashboard for the Rhino Line 2. “RL 2”
Fix: SmartCloud grids should now close when the TK lines cross in the opposite direction.
Fix: SmartCloud Data now shows the proper data based on the custom Rhino Cloud.
Optimization: Active & Blackout Times now reflect what is easier to understand with the End time being the cut-off point instead of the last hour.
Optimization: Currency Strength is now a qualifier for all WaveRider entries.
Optimization: Currency Strength will deactivate the pair for WaveRider-activated pairs if it is no longer in the right direction or does not meet the threshold for CS: Min 
Optimization: All confluences need to be met for stack trades on the WaveRider Strategy.

BETA Version 1.6

Release Notes: March 13, 2023

New Feature: A “Close All” button now gives the user the ability to close all trades and orders at once. 
Fix: 1-Minute WaveRider Entry 
Fix: Max Stop Loss setting should work as intended.

BETA Version 1.5

Release Notes: March 12, 2023

Feature: Option to choose whether to stack trades or not when activating.
Fix: WaveRider 1 Min Entry. The system now only enters the correct candle and not the sequential candles.
Optimization: The system now filters more on the WaveRider re-entries.
Optimization: Changed the Take Profit Button to now set the Take Profit based on Reward to Risk Ratio.
Optimization: Changed the trailing by Pips Option to Reward To Risk Ratio.

BETA Version 1.4

Release Notes: March 9, 2023

Fix: Text on the Active & Blackout Trading Times Settings now represent the correct number.
Optimization: Pair is now designed to deactivate once the open trade’s stop loss is at Break Even/In Profit
Optimization: Added more notifications of system activity.
Optimization: System will notify if Auto Trading is not on and removes itself from the chart. This will prevent the user from believing the system is active when it isn’t.
Optimization: System will notify if Allow Live Trading is not on and removes itself from the chart. This will prevent the user from believing the system is active when it isn’t.

BETA Version 1.3

Release Notes: March 7, 2023

New Feature: Ability to set 3 Active Trading times. This feature makes it so the system will only take trades during these times.
New Feature: Ability to set 3 Blackout Trading Times. This feature makes it so the system will not take trades during these times. Note: Blackout times override Active Trading times.
Fix: WaveRider Entry Timeframe buttons do not show on other strategies after activating and switching.
Fix: The system will now deactivate a pair on a strategy when it reaches its max re-entries even if the strategy is not loaded,
Optimization: The default Static Account Size setting is set to 0 to prevent users from accidentally risking the wrong amount.
Optimization: Trades show what strategy the trade was activated from in the comments on all strategies.

BETA Version 1.2

Release Notes: March 5, 2023

Fix: Data properly displays when switching between strategies after a pair was activated.
Optimization: The strategy indicator is now blue to stand out more.

BETA Version 1.1

Release Notes: March 5, 2023

New Feature: Ability to set stop loss buffer. This will allow the user to give more room on the stop loss.
New Feature: Ability to set a maximum stop loss based on the ATR.
New Feature: Ability to maintain activation even when switching between strategies.
New Feature: Ability to know when activated on a pair from a different strategy.
Optimization: Ability to trade manually & use the QFD at the same time.
Optimization: Alert the user to select a strategy when “None” is selected.
Optimization: An indicator that tells the user what strategy they are currently on.
Optimization: Alert the user that the risk is too small on SmartCloud entries.